Newton: The Puzzle
After a huge loss during the glass fires, Newton was ready to bring their members back together with a special release of a new vintage. This is the story of The Puzzle.

Rush Creek Lodge at Yosemite
We were commissioned to create a highlight video for a new and lovely resort located in Yosemite. We had an awesome time filming the property and enjoying hearty breakfasts! Check out

Evergreen Lodge at Yosemite
Evergreen is the 100-year-old sister property to Rush Creek. So much history at this unique place tucked away in the woods right next to Hetch Hetchy and Yosemite. We had a great time creating a quick seasonal video of our experience there with great food, friends, and fall colors.


When creatives get together during a pandemic they create art. This is a result of a last-minute project that we helped bring to life. Not only was it shot in one day but edited the same night in order to premiere the next day. This project was created by the talented Nkechi partnered with Tauwoo to create a contemporary live performance shot at Saint Joseph's Art Society.

Wedding Videos​​​​​​​
It can be easy to create your destination wedding film as an outsider looking in. Creating wedding films is what we do best, it's second nature to us. We look for the most creative shot, the lighting, the look and feel and move on to the next. The experience of creating your wedding film goes way beyond the usual routine. 
It's about becoming a part of your wedding day. Shooting the day from the inside not as a nervous bystander peeking in. It's about engaging and joining you and those closest to you. Capturing your film, your story. Celebrating with you, partying with you, relaxing with you, helping you with an extra set of hands. Disappearing when needed. Giving you advice, reassurance, and guidance when needed. Using our experience gained from all of our weddings and accompanying you on your journey. It's about your special day and making sure we capture memories for years to come.
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